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Hive Maintenance

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Maintaining your hive to guide the bees to work with in the confines of your hive and the bee space that a Langstrogh hives provides with its frame system. The frame system of a hive is designed to let the bees work with in the frame. Comb that is outside of the frame system needs to be removed at each hive inspection. If this is not done the bees will end up glueing the hive together to the point where you can not remove the frames. This comb that is outside the confines of the frame is refered to as burr comb. When inspecting your hive or hives bring along a container to place the burr comb in some of it may contain honey. This can be placed near your hives or if you are feeding your internaly you can can place it in the feeder box. The bees will remove the honey and leave you with clean wax.

Below is an example burr comb this comb is outside of the frame and needs to bee removed.

More information and photos are coming
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